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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 16, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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twice. >> sandra: i would expect that tax reform will be front and center. >> eric: the text briefing after the lunch. thank you for having me. >> sandra: "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: and we start with a whole lot of action at the white house with attention turning to tax reform. good morning to you on this monday, i am jon scott. >> melissa: good morning to you. i'm melissa francis. we are alive at the white house, minutes from now the president holds a cabinet meeting before he and the vice president sit down for lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the president is looking to patch up his somewhat rocky relationship with mitch mcconnell so that they can work together on key elements of the g.o.p. agenda. >> i hope they talk about tax reform. that is the single most important thing that we need to have done for the american people, and that is where we are. we are on the cusp of discussing
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and getting through congress before the end of the year. in that it is important. we need congress, both the house and senate to feel the pressure of getting a budget passed through the senate and then getting on to a tax reform. >> melissa: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. the pressure is on. >> there is no question about that. good morning to you. the president wants to make tax reform the centerpiece of his legislative accomplishments. he has not gotten any yet of any large significant. he has passed a bunch of things through, but he did not get obamacare, a very big vote in the senate on thursday that will pave the way for consideration of tax reform. the president and the vice president having lunch with mitch mcconnell to talk about the way forward. it is critical for the president to get tax reform done, especially after the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. some talk that a lot of republicans would like to see mitch mcconnell dumped into another majority leader elected
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for the senate. jason chaffetz said, it may be time for a new senate leader. listen here. >> i don't know what the case is to keep him. with all due respect, he is a very nice gentleman, he is very accomplished. but you have to actually produce things coming into they have not been able to do that. >> however, south carolina senator lindsey graham who played golf with the president on saturday says that talk of replacing mitch mcconnell is premature. if republicans fail at tax reform the way they did at obamacare repeal, a lot of jobs will be at risk. listen here. >> mitch mcconnell is not our problem. our problem is that we promised to repeal and replace obamacare, and we failed. we promised to cut taxes and we have yet to do it. if we are successful, mitch mcconnell is fine. if we are not, we are all in trouble. >> successful, we are all fine. but speaker paul ryan ceded to the president's left wants to get tax reform done by the end
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of the year. said that he will keep the house in through christmas break if it is necessary to get it passed. mitch mcconnell has said, we will get tax reform done this congress which means january 2019. to the president has promoted getting it done by the end of this year, melissa. but i am told that the president is not exactly crucial credit is not a matter of one tax reform gets done, it is a matter of if it gets done. that is why the president is pushing so hard. he needs to get tax of harm done at some point. >> melissa: add to the economy at the stock markets, ask the business owners, they need to get it done. the faster, the sooner. they think. it will be a showdown for sure, thank you. >> jon: more on that ahead. the senate back in session this afternoon after the senators took their columbus day recess. majority leader mitch mcconnell has some work to do after he meets with president for lunch today. the main issue will be the budget and tax reform.
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chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live with that. >> that's why it will be critical of her president trump and mitch mcconnell to be on the same page. the budget is this week's pressing matter, then tax reform will be the major push the rest of the year. these two men must find a way to see eye to eye. >> the new president has not been in this line of work. anything had excessive expectations. >> i'm very disappointed in mitch. if he gets the bills passed, i will be very happy with him. i will be the first to admit it. >> another issue is former -- steve bannon has declared a seasonal for going after the majority leader in pledging to take on all g.o.p. incumbent senators except for ted cruz of texas. there is no doubt that a lot of republicans on capitol hill would love for the president to ask steve bannon to stand down. on the other side there are no signs of democrats being willing to work with the g.o.p. on the budget or tax reform, one issue
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that irritated relationships was a president taking executive action against obamacare subsidy payments at the end of last week. >> the president says repeal and replace, where is the replace? we have not seen anything. i do not think -- i think that they speak, the week of friday the 13th is the week that president trump went to rogue. he went broke on women's health in particular. the affordable care act -- >> senators are flying back to washington for what is expected to be budget week. also on the likely agenda, taking up a bill that the house passed last week to provide relief to hurricane and wildfire victims. the senate must act before it can be sent to the president's desk for his signature. >> jon: a lot of work to do. mike emanuel, capitol hill. thank you. >> melissa: as john roberts reported, lindsey graham is making a pretty dire prediction about the g.o.p. if congress does not pass tax or four-man legislation to repeal and
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replace obamacare. he said that it will not only affect the senate majorities job. >> you have to get a budget passed to get tax reform. are you going to get it done? >> if we don't, we are dead. if we do not cut taxes and repeal and replace obamacare, that we are going to lose across the board in the house in 2018, and all of the primaries in 2018 will get to beat, it will be the end of mitch mcconnell as we know it. this is a greater problem. >> melissa: quite a prediction, we will bring in michael starr hopkins, contributor to the hill. and matt schlapp, chairman of american conservative union. thank you to both of you for joining us. let me start with you. if this does not get done, there, the republicans could get crushed the way that lindsey graham said, according to the "cbs news" tracking survey. they feel that their party's congressional representatives do not like the president and are trying to undermine him. >> yes, it is not often, melissa
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said that i wholeheartedly agree with lindsey graham, but god bless them for saying what he said. it is the obvious truth. as chairman of the conservative union, we meet with activists, we were just in arizona. we will be in california. kansas. you know what they keep telling me? they sent republicans appear to fulfill the promises to undo the radical obama agenda. the top of the list is regulations with the president and the congress have done a great job on. repealing and replacing obamacare, those are the top three coming into failed to get something done on taxes or repealing obamacare will cause a tremendous revolt across the country. >> melissa: michael, will they get to any help from democrats? you look at the corporate tax rate, rand paul was making the point this weekend, ireland has a 12% rate, canada has a 15% rate. 20% is still above other countries. >> it is, and i've said for
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weeks, months, that that there are areas where democrats are willing to come to the table. >> melissa: is that one? >> yes, i think that we can get it to 22%. 22% is a pretty reasonable area. the president started at 15%, between 20%-22% -- >> melissa: why do you pick that number? is 22 where democrats are talking about? it is a strange number. >> i will not see my sources, but i will be surprised if the number goes above 22. back to matt's point, if that clip of lindsey graham is not turned in an attack ad, it is political malpractice, because he is absolutely right. republicans said they were going to get tax cuts, obamacare repealed and replaced, and they have not been able to do it. part of that is the president's leadership. he cannot attack lindsey graham and senator corker and paul ryan and not expect them -- and put their necks out. >> michael, i was agreeing with everything you said except the
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last part, because you look at all these polls, people are not blaming the president. this disruptor in chief that we have is exactly what conservative republicans want to. they sat around for eight years and watched obama have his way with the political system. and they want to see a republican to be equal to the task of undoing that agenda and implementing our agenda. that is what needs to happen next. >> melissa: michael, in some ways attacking those guys helps the president to keep the people who liked him in the first place. it is not like when he looked like he might be part of the swamp, and i go back to the pole that i was telling you about. 37% think republicans do not like time, but they pretend to so that they can try to pass their own agenda. >> for sure, attacking mitch mcconnell and senator corker, helps him with the base, but not increase the base. the president needs more than 35% of the country to get reelected. he needs more than a space to get legislation passed. that is one of the issues. >> melissa: let's take on the
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point, because matt, he did start out trying to deal with republicans. out of the gate on repeal and replace, it did not work. when he was solidly with the right for whatever reason, they did not work together. so now it is kind of like a double win for hanford moved away. looks like the independent guy that voters wanted him to be in the first place, and maybe he does get some democrats on board. michael was talking about the corporate tax rate, maybe there is some area to agree, what do you think? >> two quick things, the president, and talk to them about this but he has been frustrated. he was willing to listen to republican leaders and congress on the right, tactics and both of these areas. obamacare and taxes, but what he saw in obamacare was at everything they said they would be able to get done, they could not get done. the leaders wanted to get it done. some conservatives are confused about that. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan wanted to repeal obamacare. it was more liberal republicans who stood in the way. that is why you have steve
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bannon saying, we have moderate republican standing in the way, we are going to get rid of them. and i think that that is an important dynamic about what is happening. on the second piece about the democrats, chuck and nancy already went along on a budget deal. they are already talking to the president about daca. >> which the president is now backing off of. >> no, that is not true. we are talking about infrastructure. here's the thing. when we talk about the budget reconciliation. the democrats are allowed to come aboard at any time. if i was a democrat in the senate -- which god forbid i ever be one. i would cut the best deal possible. >> melissa: i have to go. i have to let michael get in. sometimes i think chuck and nancy protest too much. they may be on the phone with president trump making deals on the side, but they have to squawk loudly in front of the cameras. >> i think on both sides we have to play to the politics of the now. but there are areas where they are willing to work. i hope we can. >> melissa: absolutely.
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gentlemen, thank you both. >> jon: a fox news alert, bowe bergdahl, the enlisted military soldier goes before the court today pleading guilty of walking away from his post in afghanistan. what happens next and why he claimed that he would not receive a fair trial. fire crews are making progress as they battle the deadliest wildfires in california history. this is victims return home to assess the damage. >> i ran in, grabbed the grandson who was staying with us, 7-year-olds. i have my wife coming in the two dogs. as we backed out, the house went up in flames. we were very fortunate to get out.
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alert on some high profile crime stories we are following. former hostage bowe bergdahl pleading guilty today. he deserted his fellow american servicemen when he left his post
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in afghanistan in 2009. the u.s. negotiated his release by agreeing to set five tele ban terrorists for you. three years ago he return home to a rose garden welcome from president obama, it is not all roses for him now. he could face life in prison. and a federal judge could dismiss most charges against bob menendez today. prosecutors say he accepted lavish gifts from a doctor in exchange for political favors. the lawyers on both sides are expected today to present arguments before the judge makes a ruling. if most charges are dropped, prosecutors say it would legalize pay to play politics. and a jury continues to deliberate in the trial of a man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. last year. when the verdict is announced, we will bring it to you. he planted two bombs in manhattan which hurt authority to 30 people. he will go to a separate trial
8:17 am
in new jersey for the bombs that detonated it during a 5k race there. >> melissa: breaking news as firefighters are gaining ground as they battled the deadliest wildfires in california history. at least 40 people have died and thousands of homes have been destroyed. right now rescue crews are desperately sifting through ruins to try to find hundreds of people that are still missing. meanwhile, evacuation orders have been lifted in some parts and thousands are returning home to see what is left. claudia cowan joining us live in california. >> well, melissa, good morning once again for the first time in a week. we are seeing some blue skies. we are hearing the word where a as they left the evacuation orders and allow many people to go back home. but i can tell you that there are so many neighborhoods like this one that are just gone. it is heartbreaking to see what is left of people's lives and the smoky valley below.
8:18 am
under evacuation fell from nearly 100,000 to 75,000, affecting presidents. more evacuation order should be lifted soon as the focus shifts to recovery. >> getting a lot of black on the map, so those black sections on the map is where we feel comfortable on the fire's edge, that is where the fire is not expanding anymore. we have boots on the ground that are working their way further and further into the fire and making the progress. >> for many life will never be the same. at least 40 people died after being trapped by the flames, most perished during the fire's first ferocious hours paid more than 200 people are still unaccounted for. deputies from us to follow up on every missing person report using drones and infrared technology to identify more victims. there is still active fire this morning, but better weather is helping 11,000 firefighters finally get the upper hand.
8:19 am
51,000 anchors, now 68% contained, here in sonoma county, the fire has forged 46,000 acres, it is 70% contained, and 50% after burning 48,000 acres. we expect the containment numbers to go up today as the weather continues to improve. in fact, melissa, there is a chance of rain in the forecast for later this week. >> melissa: we will keep the fingers crossed that the video of people trying to escape from their point of view from the flames is so terrifying. claudia, thank you. >> jon: growing fallout for the embattled hollywood mogul harvey weinstein as more sexual assault allegations emerge. what is next for him and his flailing company? we will discuss next. >> the hypocrisy in this town is just breathtaking. when you look at this, they are acting like, oh, my god, how could this have happened in the lament cabin? they knew about this.
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>> audio came out of courtney love back in 2005, saying don't work for harvey weinstein, this is what will happen a year. and they banned her. when people blame the women, i've been on other panels about that is where my opponent has come out and said, these women knew. meryl streep knew, jane fonda new. don't you dare. >> jon: harvey weinstein faces more backlash as -- allegations against the hollywood mogul come to life. even his brother bob weinstein claims he was a victim of harvey's abuse. let's discuss with the media panel, joe concho, media reporter for the hill. and leslie marshall, fox news contributor. perhaps the most astounding
8:24 am
thing, leslie that took place over the weekend is that the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, which is essentially the governing body for all of hollywood's trip to harvey weinstein of his membership. that is unprecedented. >> it is absolutely unprecedented, jon, and largely symbolic to be a part of the organization, this is not symbolic. it is very serious. what this shows is not only the stain that mr. weinstein has put on his own company, but also what he has done to hollywood into the film industry, and quite frankly, i think it speaks volumes to the seriousness that individuals and organizations are taking these allegations and taking these allegations from women. it is about time in 2017. >> jon: it was kind of an open secret that this kind of stuff was going on. harvey weinstein's power peaked in 2005. i wonder if he was still turning out to regular oscar nominations
8:25 am
for his movies, i think it was 200514 of the best picture nominees had his fingerprints on them. i wonder if that was still the case today if these allegations would be coming forward. if hollywood will be taking the action. >> i wonder if "new york times" ran a piece that they had according to susan waxman now at the wrath who did the story in 2004, where we would see harvey weinstein today. would it have the same effect that we are seeing in 2017, where 13 years of victims does not happen. the academy, you can say that they should be applauded for what they are doing here, but principles are only principles when they are doing it in times
8:26 am
of inconvenience, not convenience. and if this was the open secrets, somebody from the academy had to have known from a very high place, they should have spoken up in something about it earlier. i'm curious during the next award show, whether that is the golden globes or the oscars, the next time that meryl streep gets up there and piously does a speech condemning the president and talking about how great her morals are, how well that is really going to be received and how impactful it will be, it will look hypocritical, because she called harvey weinstein heard god, and just like everybody else she had to have known what was going on. >> jon: i get so tired, a lot of people do of folks in hollywood who live in a an alternate reality lecturing us all on awards night of how we should live our lives. and what we should believe in and what we should do. now all of all of a sudden, this open secret that harvey weinstein was a dirty old man, essentially, all of the sudden, that is the talk of tinseltown. >> while it is the talk of tinseltown because of the accusations that have come forward and to the brave women that have come forward to like when bill cosby was accused. these individuals use their celebrity to not only give their opinion when they are getting an award, but they also use it for
8:27 am
good. we have seen george clooney do that, and i give another number of examples, but as a woman who has been the victim of sexual assault, as a woman sitting 20 minutes from hollywood where tinseltown -- and as a woman who knows meryl streep, not every single person knew of this allegation, the casting couch has been going on unfortunately since adam and eve. it is 2017, and we still have women coming forward. not only what this man. in various industries like politics as well. it is not just tinseltown. and quite frankly, it just shows how difficult it is for individuals to come forward. this man's own brother to come forward when somebody has so much power over someone and they fear that individual. >> jon: i'm sure that joe wants to respond. i have to wrap it up. we have some breaking news. thank you both. >> think you. >> thank you, jon. >> melissa: fox news alert, we have a verdict in the chelsea
8:28 am
bombing case in manhattan, federal court. lower angle is standing by with that. guilty on all charges? >> that's what we are hearing from the jurors, hello, melissa, we have our producer inside waiting for her to come out and fill us in on the details. but yes, you just had it right, guilty on all eight count spread to the jury of eight men and four women went to break
8:29 am
8:30 am
emotional witness testimony. the portion of this has not occurred yet. we are going to wait to hear what the date will be. and still two more trials to get through. both in new jersey for the new jersey portion of the crime where he is accused of detonating a bomb at a charity race in seaside park new jersey. also weaving the backpack full of pipe bombs in elizabeth, new jersey. then it was a shoot-out with police in linden new jersey. which injured several officers. the big headline here, downtown manhattan, guilty on all eight charges, making him eligible for that a maximum of life in prison. >> melissa: we saw the video of people wheeling away the second suitcase that did not detonate. so terrifying. thank you for the report. >> jon: so what is happening with the iran nuclear deal? our next guest is an expert on the middle east, discussing the
8:31 am
strategy behind the certifying it. >> with the president has done is he has laid out a strategy for dealing with the destabilizing dangerous hate filled behavior. so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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>> iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. so today in recognition of the increasing menace posed by iran,
8:35 am
and after extensive consultations with our allies, i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions. >> melissa: president trump de certifying the iran nuclear deal, giving congress 60 deals to impose new sanctions on the country if they choose to do so. but congress can also decide to make some changes to the nuclear deal. president trump looking to punish terahn for their missile program. ariel cohen joins us now. a senior fellow at the council. thank you for joining us. let me ask you, in terms of strategy, what is a best-case scenario from here? what will be like to see, unfettered access to look around? what are we hoping for? >> first of all, let me start with the assessment of the deal itself. the jcp oh eight deal dispensed by the obama administration did
8:36 am
not address american interests and failed to address the interest of our allies in the middle east and in europe. therefore president trump ran on the platform of denouncing the deal and now he is doing what he promised. he is trying to renegotiate the deal. he is not trying to scramble the dol together. >> melissa: he is trying to renegotiate to do what? at any idea that we could actually do inspections? when nikki haley said that to the u.n. or the iaea. they did not see any evidence that they needed to inspect. why would they do that? >> you have to push for that, because the international atomic energy a and see does not have access to iranian literary facility is where the nuclear research and development activities are going on. iran is still continuing to develop long-range ballistic missiles and has the capability
8:37 am
to develop icbms. and iran is engaged throughout the middle east. syria, yemen, gaza, you name it, iran is engaged up to its eyeballs in activities that are inimical to american allies and to the united states. >> melissa: let me tell you that some of the things that the international community are saying. this is how they respond to what you cited. they do have access to the military facilities, that they have what they called mannish access into that they can go in and take the samples, it was wrong of the reporters like i believe it was reuters to report that they weren't allowed to collect the samples themselves. that the irradiance would collect examples, they said, no, we can go in any time. we can get the samples, we don't see any reason for it. what is everybody screaming about? >> i don't know what your sources are, it is not them themselves. >> melissa: their documents. >> i saw the statements by the
8:38 am
secretary general that confesses that there access and their ability to control the deal falls behind any comparable agreement that they had in the past in iraq or libya, any other place where iaea followed with inspections on demand. they do not have the capability. >> melissa: that makes perfect sense, so why are they reluctant to push on in? if they feel that way, what that's what so many people think, why are they reluctant to demand to go in? >> because among other things, this is an international organization that behaves in accordance to the wishes of its principal members, and that includes russia, china, the europeans who are salivating at getting massive multibillion dollar business deals with iran, they do not want to upset the
8:39 am
apple cart. they are not thinking about long term. ten years, 15 years ahead, the repercussions of this failed deal that will allow iran legally to get to nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles. >> melissa: i hope you will come back soon. we are out of time, but so much more to discuss. thank you. spin on showdown continues between the white house and north korea as kim jong un is renewing the threats towards u.s. territories. process president trump takes action on health care targeting insurance companies, so how are the companies reacting to the possible end of the obamacare subsidies from uncle sam? >> these subsidies going to the insurance companies help low income people afford insurance. and without the subsidies, they will be -- there will be many people who will not be able to provide insurance and affordow .
8:40 am
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>> melissa: new information on the story that we have been reporting. now looks like government regulators failed to keep unchecked amounts of pain killers off the street. last night 60 minutes and "the washington post" ran a very revealing interview with a whistle-blower from the drug enforcement agency. he is pointing the finger at lobbyists for big pharma and their enablers in congress. >> this is an industry that is out of control. what they want to do is do what they want to do and not worry about what the law is. >> you know the implication of what you are saying? that these big companies knew that they were pumping drugs into american communities that were killing people? >> that is not an implication. that is a fact. that is exactly what they did. >> melissa: almost 200,000 americans have died from opiate overdose in the last 20 years.
8:44 am
>> jon: breaking the sour, health insurance companies are threatening to pull out of some states leaving millions of americans with no coverage. this is in reaction to president trump's reaction to an end to the cost-sharing reductions that insurers have been getting under the affordable care act. so what is going on here? and what does the future hold. we will bring in richard fowler and kristen's otis anderson, columnist at the "washington examiner" editor and a republican pollster as well. so what the president has decided to do, kristin is listen to republicans in congress who sued over the issue a couple of years back. listen to a federal judge who upheld their suit, they say that congress is supposed to appropriate money for these kinds of payments. that was never done, the obama administration wrote checks. >> that's right. this is in some ways more a legal issue than a health care policy issue.
8:45 am
the constitution says that if congress is going to send money, they have to appropriate it. this is the trump administration saying the ball is back in congress is court. if we spend the money, we will spend at the right and a legal way. in the end it will not wind up costing the government much more or much less regardless of what happens. if the payments are made to the insurers, that is one thing that you do not see the insurers get the payments, then they raise premiums, obamacare subsidies will make up the difference, so they are on the hook one way or another, but by doing the change, they are making sure that the payments are in compliance with the law. >> jon: i suppose, richard, if low income people need money to make their health care premiums, i would feel better if the government's work cutting checks to the low income people rather than big health insurers. >> i think that that is an argument that can be made. that is a call to why democrats are saying, hey, listen, mr. president, let's negotiate a new deal.
8:46 am
we will take repeal and replace off the table and fix the affordable care act. here's the problem with the executive order, what this payment, what these payments did, they paid for the co-pays and deductibles of the most vulnerable's of americans. what ends up happening is the law requires these insurers to pay this money, it's going to get paid, but in return that money is going to be deflected onto those of us who can afford to pay more for health insurance paid what you're going to do is middle class families, small business owners, working class individuals who can barely afford to make payments in the exchange markets are going to pay more, that is a bad deal. i agree with kristin that congress should be the one allocating funds, but for the past nine months, the president has paid the money out. all the sudden he woke up last week and decided he would stop paying the checks. >> jon: if these are the poorest americans who are getting the co-pays and things like that covered, what is the
8:47 am
motivation for them to try to live a healthier lifestyle? if it does not cost them anything to go to the doctor, what is the motivation? >> bear in mind for the very poorest in in and america thatu have medicaid. things affected by the change are the types of policies that folks who may not qualify for medicaid, but would need some sort of government help and health care will be getting, but i think the incentive to live a healthy life is not about money, it is about being wanting to live a long life and spend time with your family. but i do think that's one of the ideas that is increasing posturing and having people have a stake in the game is that ended the u.s., we are over treated in health care. without a functioning market, we can consume a lot of health care services that do not make our health outcomes any better. by trying to have some kind of cost-sharing, make it function like a market, you are bringing
8:48 am
down the cost of premiums, because people are getting the treatment said they need that are making them healthy, rather than doctors having an incentive to prescribe a thousand tests that might not do anything. that is the incentive. >> jon: the system, richard, you talked about making fixes to obamacare. the system is a mess under -- a system that the president and the democrats in congress invented. seven years ago, almost eight years ago. >> destroying it from within is not the answer. let's talk about copayments. so that they are a measure that is used for preventative care. when you see a doctor for a checkup or your annual check up. you pay a co-pay, for those americans, those that are on the borderline, they cannot afford to medicaid, so they have this cost-sharing measure, they are allowed to get that preventative care that allows them to get mammograms, pap smears, prostate exams, which could prevent
8:49 am
really bad things from happening, so that is what we are fighting for. do not get me wrong, nobody is saying that the affordable care act is perfect, but let's fix something that will bring down costs. let's negotiate a prescription drug benefits. let's negotiate how hospitals buy equipment. these things that we can do that is bipartisan in the alexander murray bill that trump refuses to work with these individuals to get it done. >> jon: selling insurance across state lines is one of the things that the president is proposing and proponents have said it will bring down costs. we could go on, we will have you back another time to continue the discussion. richard fowler, kristen anderson, thank you both. speak to the president's moves on obamacare, house parking legal action, now speaking legal action, who is behind the lawsuit and what they are looking for. and a closely watched race in virginia with tim craddick and republican candidates battling it out for governor. why the race could have major national implications.
8:50 am
we are alive with the details. >> i've been showing up in serving the commonwealth of virginia, you have been a lobbyist in washington. >> i did show up for my clients, the firm that i left more than a decade ago and was effective on their behalf. i will be effective on behalf of the people of the commonwealth of virginia. i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection
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>> coming up on "outnumbered," president trump a mitch mcconnell will discuss the legislative agenda over lunch. the high-stakes meetings come as the men try to patch up their relationship. >> and a stunning revelation that the fbi has found documents related to bill clinton's tarmac meeting with then attorney general loretta lynch. a fly on the wall, maybe we can be. after the borough said they did not exist. what else are they not telling
8:54 am
us? >> all of that plus #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" on this monday. a top of the hour. >> i can see him, but you cannot yet. >> melissa: right now it is less than a month left to go before election day, the race is heating up for virginia's governor with the republican and democratic candidates bringing out to the political big guns in a race that may -- many say could be a referendum on president trump's first year in office, doug mckelway is following the story live in washington. how is it shaping up? >> we are entering the home stretch of the race for the election set for november 7th, watching the very, very carefully to gauge when whether president trump has any coattails in the state. by the voters are not as enthused in an off year election when donald trump has consumed so much -- a little bit worn out, and that may be magnified by the fact that neither republican, former rnc chair, or
8:55 am
the lieutenant governor of virginia are terribly charismatic people, they both seem to walk mean party lines. democrat is up by 6.8% to just outside the margin of error, republican gillespie has some doubts about the polls. >> the public polls are not designed to gauge the outcome of the election. they are designed to affect the outcome of the election. we are in a dead heat trace, and i feel that we are going to win the race. i know that we have to for the future of the commonwealth that i love. >> both vice president pence and joe biden campaign further -- by giving their credibility. >> the thing that i've admired about ralph, and you can feel it, you can taste it is the authenticity. >> and pence touting his candidates traditional values. >> ed gillespie is pro-jobs,
8:56 am
pro-growth, pro-american energy, pro-life, pro-second amendment, folks, you name it, ed glaspie is on the right side of every issue. >> in the 2014 race, despite being behind in the polls, he eked out a victory against michael warner, ed gillespie refused to concede, he is hoping that the polls are wrong again. back to you in new york. >> melissa: battle of the white-haired vice presidents, that will get everybody excited to vote. thank you. >> all right, my pleasure. >> jon: in 30 minutes president trump and mitch mcconnell are set to have lunch together after months of icy relations, it will not be a social meal, however, they are expected to talk a budget and tax reform.
8:57 am
i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. >> we did it. we made it. it's in the books. speaker you invited to that lunch with the president and the
9:00 am
majority leader? >> i don't know where the invitation went. we will keep an eye on it. did you get invited? >> we will find out about it. >> thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, a big meeting at the white house just minutes from now. president trump set to break bread with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and sit down that may determine the focus of the president's agenda. in the fortunes of the gop's next year's midterm. the two leaders expected to lay out their agenda for the fall in their first face-to-face meeting since trump and mcconnell took some public shots at each other over the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. the stakes high. our book and warning about bloodbath if the party can't follow through on their promises and taxes and health care. fox news alert, a lot of reaction to president trump's decision not to recertify the iran nuclear deal. this


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